Seniors Weekend

Held from 10th to 12th March 2006 at Felden Lodge the Seniors weekend was a great weekend. The young people took part in a range of activities including: ice wall challenge, climbing wall, archery, rifle-shooting; as well as football, team building activities/games, computer games, internet and just chilling out! The group also had some discussions on the role of the Battalion and how they could become involved in things that were going on locally and nationally.

Check out some of the pictures from the weekend!!!

Good Shot .........? Simon climbing high!!!
Tom climbing (dosent look like it here though!) will Mr Egghead survive?
Sharing thoughts..... led by Lewis Pearson
group discussion...
Jim up the Ice wall in 45 seconds..... well done!!
Jim on his way to the top Sam.... thinking about something down below?
drama...... crack shots???
getting across the minefield can they work out how to get through the spiders  web?
coming through! falling through!
a chimp? no its jim swinging through the assault course